The goal of South Jersey Select Lacrosse is to offer student athletes throughout Southern New Jersey the opportunity to improve their skills, awareness, and athleticism. This will be accomplished thru clinics, camps, and summer showcase tournaments.

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“Whenever I hear SJS parents worry about their child making pink or black, I want to tell them my story and put it all in perspective. I started SJS as an alternate for a year, was on black for a majority of my time with SJS, and finally made pink. It definitely was an emotional roller coaster every year when my twin sister and I never made pink like we wanted to. In fact, even my last year of SJS, I was told I was on the black team while my twin sister made pink. That news was obviously disappointing, and it took a lot of hard work to change things and be moved up to pink my first day of practice. I wanted to share this part of my lacrosse career to the SJS family because I think it’s a very important part of my life that proved to make me a stronger and better player. I ended up getting recruited to play lacrosse at Delaware where I made All-CAA conference honors alongside top D1 players from JMU, Towson, and other schools. My defensive stats ranked in the top 30 in the US, and playing for black during my recruiting days proved to be just as beneficial as playing for pink. No matter what team I was on, my parents never let me quit, and I thank them for that. No matter who you are, playing for SJS is a privilege that not every girl gets to have, and you should not let which team you make determine the rest of your lacrosse career.”


Lizzie Duffey - 2012

University of Delaware

“I started playing lacrosse when I was in first grade. Lacrosse has been part of my identity since that time; lacrosse is my passion. When I was in seventh grade, after playing for a different club in the area, I wanted to try out for SJS. I had friends on the team and I really wanted to be a part of such a great club. I knew I was experienced in the game, but I also knew I was an outsider, coming from a different town from most of the girls on the team.


Through the tryouts, I felt I hadn’t stood out or shown my skills at all. Afterwards, I felt defeated. “How are these girls so much better than I am?” I asked myself.  When the teams were posted, my name was left off the list. I hung my head after I saw it. It was hard not to - the team I wanted to be a part of was made without me on it.


My parents encouraged me that this did not define me, that one missed opportunity wouldn’t ruin my lacrosse career, and that I was still a great player. They encouraged me to work hard. With hard work I would be able to achieve the goal I wanted- to make SJS the following year.  With their encouragement, I sought out many opportunities to become the player I am now. I went to training with local coaches and to the clinics that SJS offered. Although my confidence had taken a hit after tryouts, I came out of my training stronger than ever.


Having to wait a year to try again was difficult, and I was reminded often that I was not in the team I wanted to be. When tryouts rolled around again the next year, I was extremely nervous. It would kill me to not be on the team again this year after all the work I had put in. But, then again, I hadn’t made the team last year and I turned out okay. Either way, I hoped for a spot on the team.  In the time following the tryouts, I patiently waited for the results to be sent out. When they were, I saw my name on the pink team. I had done it! I had made the team! All my hard work had gotten me to my goal.”


The hard work shouldn’t stop when you make the team. So, your name is on a list; how can you prove that you deserve that spot? Making the team is one thing, but being the best player you can be is another. By keeping up the hard work that got me on the team in the first place, I was able to prove myself and grow as a player. The growth allowed me to achieve my future goals— of being on varsity for my high school team and of finding a place where I could continue my lacrosse career in college. 


If you really want something, don’t give up — instead, seek every opportunity to learn and work hard.  Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t on that list.  If you are determined and work hard, you can be next time!” 


Lindy Webb - 2019

Arizona State University (verbal commitment)

“We are huge fans of KC and the SJS club program!  Their club turns out well-coached, competitive and intense players.  Working with KC is seamless, and I appreciate his fair and impartial judgment.  Our experience has shown us that the players from SJS transition well to our program and Division I lacrosse.  Many of them have been our most successful athletes.  Their team will see us on the sidelines for many years to come!”


Cathy Swezey

Head Lacrosse Coach

Vanderbilt University